Ice Crystal Technology - Plant Stem Cell Science

Inspired by the discovery of the super natural survival powers of one individual algae and an extraordinary flower in the harshest conditions on earth, the TheraVine™ laboratories have mastered the art of extracting the breakthrough technology hidden in ice crystal technology combined with the splendour of stem cells and turned it into premium time resistant skin care. Watch how here.

Pioneers in advanced skincare, TheraVine™ used this unique phyto substance of snow algae powder with specialised properties which protect and activate the longevity factors in skin cells. In doing so, Ice Crystal Technology rejuvenates and protects the skin at cellular level and strengthens the cells’ defence mechanism by reducing its caloric output which allows it to survive far beyond normal expectation – a scientific breakthrough in the field of skin youth preservation.

Did you know that all stem cells, independent of their origin, contain specific epigenetic factors whose function is to maintain the self-renewal capacity of stem cells? The significance of stem cells is that they have the ability to go through countless cycles and cell divisions while maintaining an undifferentiated state. Furthermore, they have the potential to differentiate into other cell types of the same tissue and are primarily responsible for replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissue.
In aged and UV stressed skin, the number and activity of the stem cells are reduced and in order to prevent premature skin ageing, it is imperative that the vitality of the stem cells has to be maintained and protected. Plant stem cells thus contain specific components that improve the vitality of skin stem cells and can protect them against negative environmental influences.

With the state of the art range, TheraVine™ chose to make use of both Grape Stem Cell and Nunatak Stem Cell renewal systems to work in synergy to protect both epidermal stem cells and dermal stem cells by acting as a suit of armour and coating human stem cells to protect and preserve the stem cells while stimulating cell regeneration.

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