Our products are the end-result of years of research. Developments continue with the latest in technology, and the best quality of each individual component.

Our ranges are produced with absolute integrity so you can rest assured that you are performing and experiencing treatments with nothing short of the very best.

Because we believe in developing products that achieve desirable results, we have made it our mission to design, develop and produce a comprehensive skin and body care range of the highest quality that will take you on an adventure of scientific skin transformation and sensory pleasure.

Our products:
• Do not contain harmful alcohols
• Do not contain harmful perfumes/fragrances
• Do not contain colourants
• Do not contain harmful petrochemicals or mineral oils
• Have not been tested on animals

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Furthermore to the above, 98% of the range is paraben free.

Because beauty goes beyond the radiance of your skin and body, we promise to continue our passion of transforming nature’s hidden treasures into scientific excellence.